Saturday, June 20, 2009

dparody.wad Review

Well, since my overall reaction to the wad was "meh" should I only give it two stars? I mean, it did have lots of scripting and shit. I didn't know doom was so scriptable. Demon attacking imp? Honestly, tho, I didn't find this very funny. I had to type in my own text during the demo I recorded to make it funny. I was really hoping for a dancing Baron. *That* would have been funny. Baron of Hell starts undulating its hips and doing the Queen Latifah with its arms and then says in a really deep Barry White voice "heyy baby, wanna dance?"[/Barry White Voice]

The laugh track was really obnoxious! The laugh track made me feel ill at ease... like the joke was that I was really stuck in hell with all those damn freaky doors and invisible people laughing at me--like a bad dream where you're trapped in a nightmarish twilight zone-ish 50's era sitcom and can't escape. I also predicted teleporting into lava at the end of the series of teleports.

I did kinda like the Willy Wonka inspired giant vats to make a small little vial (or at least that's what it reminded me of). I wanted to eat it and blow up into a large balloon and turn blue. This map had so many opportunities to be really funny or at least really cool--like it would have been great if I had at least started floating up toward the ceiling where there was a giant fan. If the author had inserted a bunch of celebrity voices into the wad it would have been genius--like as you are floating up to the fan, the guy from the original Willy Wonka would have said "Oh no Charlie, we're gonna die!"

I did laugh when the demon that wasn't able to cross the lava died... haha.

So while this wad wasn't very funny I gave it 3 stars for having a laugh track that created a very ill at ease and creepy atmosphere (also kinda like the feeling of being stuck in a carvneval funhouse: sometimes the subtle stuff is more scary than the overt stuff), but not 3 stars for being funny.

I think there is a good premise here, and I agree a whole megawad would be great if DONE WELL--this was almost done well--it inspired in me lots of funny ideas but it itself wasn't all that funny. Like another reviewer said: I'd like to see more wads like this with improvements.

In conclusion: a very good premise has been introduced here--but it needs to be expanded upon with some good gags! This could have been one of the greatest doom wads ever, or at least the greatest jokewad ever, as is it missed out on a lot of opportunities/ideas for great gags. 3/5 stars - Hellbent

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